On Being Human: Imaging God in the Modern World - Calvin Seerveld
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On Being Human: Imaging God in the Modern World - Calvin Seerveld

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This is not just another book of meditations.

This is a book which promises to engage all of your senses while vividly illustrating what it really means to be human.

Through the use of scripture, stunning artworks, original songs and prayers, the author explores the miracle of being human, in the image of God.

This is not  just a series of Bible-study lessons or a devotional exercise to begin or round off the day:

  • The songs included are for singing;
  • The artworks are for imaginative viewing;
  • The scripture translations and prayers are meant to be read aloud and heard.

This book is meant to be used humanly. It is meant to be enjoyed in the living presence of God, as a listening, sinful saint, sharing its truth with neighbours.


Calvin Seerveld is a senior member in philosophical aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. Born in West Sayville, Long Island, New York, he later studied literature and philosophy at Calvin College (B.A.), and the University of Michigan (M.A.). He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Free University of Amsterdam, with a published dissertation on Benedetto Croce's Earlier Aesthetic Theories and Literacy Criticism (1958). His various publications include The Greatest Song, in Critique of Solomon (1967), A Turnabout in Aesthetics to Undertsanding (1974), A Christian Critique of Art and Literature (1977) and Rainbows for the Fallen World (1980).

Dr. Seerveld spends several months each year delivering meditations and lecturing at bible schools, seminaries, colleges and universities throughout North America and Europe. He lives with his wife , Ines, in Toronto.

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