History of the Spanish Reformation: Progress & Suppression in the 16th Century
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History of the Spanish Reformation: Progress & Suppression in the 16th Century

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It was only a few years ago that the Christian church celebrated the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation, that historic day when the German monk and scholar, Martin Luther, nailed the 95 Theses to the chapel door of Wittenberg castle. What Luther likely thought was an otherwise insignificant event at the time turned out to be the much-needed spark to light an ecclesiastical movement towards reforming all life and thought to the teaching of God's Word alone. And while much is known about the history of the Reformation in general, much of what transpired in the Spanish-speaking world remains obscure and forgotten.

Here then enters Thomas M'Crie, the knowledgeable guide who takes readers on a tour throughout the history of the Spanish reformation as it unfolded. M'Crie's History of the reformation in Spain, originally published in 1829, is an invaluable gem of scholarship that deserves wider exposure and distribution, and, in an effort to make it more accessible to modern readership, has been reformatted and retitled to the History of the Spanish Reformation. M'Crie's objective was twofold, (i) to contribute towards the history of that reformational movement that affected all of Europe and the New World, and by doing so, (ii) rescuing the Spanish reformation from obscurity.

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Published: 2023

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