Dreams and Dictators: On the Book of Daniel
Herman Veldkamp

Dreams and Dictators: On the Book of Daniel

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Daniel lived in frightening days: God's people were in the grip of a pagan empire, and that empire was under growing pressure from without. Against this background, Herman Veldkamp tells a dramatic story of dreams and dictators, of fearful visions and empires in collision, emphasizing that God's people are never forgotten, however desperate their plight.

Veldkamp shows us how prophecy and history blend in the book of Daniel to present a single message. That message is intended to strengthen believers of all ages as they face the assaults of satan and his hosts and pray feverishly for the return and final triumph of Christ.

The late Rev. Veldkamp served as a minister in the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands. He is the author of many popular works on the Bible, including The Farmer from Tekoa and Waiting for Christ's Return, which are both available from Paideia Press in English translation.


Format: Paperback
Pages: 324
Imprint: Paideia Press
ISBN-13: 978-0888153555
Size:‎ 12.7 x 1.85 x 17.78 cm
Published: 2023

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