Encyclopedia of The Science of Law, Vol. 8
Herman Dooyeweerd

Encyclopedia of The Science of Law, Vol. 8

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The Encyclopedia of the Science of Law constitutes the first scholarly domain in which Dooyeweerd tested his radically new understanding of created reality, informed by the biblical basic motive of creation, fall, and redemption. The Science of Law represents the academic discipline in which Dooyeweerd was trained and in which he developed exceptional expertise. Therefore, it must be clear that the publication of this comprehensive and authoritative multi-volume series will contribute significantly to the ever growing legacy of reformational philosophy.

From the editor's Preface.


Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977) was born in Amsterdam to Calvinistic parents whose convictions and way of life were profoundly influenced by Abraham Kuyper, the great Dutch statesman, educator and journalist, and one of the protestant leaders through which the evangelical wing of Dutch reformed protestantism emerged. Dooyeweerd is recorded to have had a prolific career as a researcher in philosophy, during which he wrote various profound literary works such as The New Critique of Theoretical Thought, Roots of Western Culture, and more. He is, without a doubt, one of the most important philosophers that the Netherlands has ever produced, comparable only perhaps with Baruch de Spinoza.


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Published: 2021

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