Discovering Dooyeweerd (Ebook)
D.F.M. Strauss

Discovering Dooyeweerd (Ebook)

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One may characterize this book as non-ecclesiastical kingdom work. In the footsteps of Abraham Kuyper, the well-known Dutch theologian and politician, Herman Dooyeweerd, a legal scholar, realized that the Reformation of the 16th century touched the heart as the religious root of human existence and therefore could not remain restricted to the narrower church life for its penetrating and renewing effect must affect all areas of life. This reformational legacy inspired the ensuing Christian life and world view which turned out to be a direction giving life orientation. It inspired the transformation of all walks of life including the entire academic enterprise. The encompassing scope and depth present in the philosophical work of Herman Dooyeweerd opens up avenues which shed new light on the foundations of the various special sciences as well as diverse everyday practices. Exploring the insights contained in this Book will turn out to be an enriching experience while introducing distinctions and analyses not familiar to everybody.

From the Introduction:

". . . the most original philosopher Holland has produced even Spinoza not excepted" (Langemeijer).

". . . the most profound, innovative, and penetrating philosopher since Kant" (Giorgio Delvecchio).

"Herman Dooyeweerd is undoubtedly the most formidable Dutch philosopher of the 20th century.... As a humanist I have always looked at 'my own tradition' in search of similar examples. They simply don't exist" (Cliteur)

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