Evolution's Dangerous Ideas
Jerry Bergman

Evolution's Dangerous Ideas

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Evolution's Dangerous Ideas: Eugenics, Lobotomies, Using X-Rays to Speed Up Evolution, and Other Dangerous Ideas Inspired by Darwinism is the second book to support the fact that Darwinism has caused enormous harm in society. The first book covered how Darwinism fostered scientific racism. This book covers 17 of the most harmful ideas and hoaxes committed in the name of evolution, often concocted to support Darwinism. These few examples of the many available illustrate how Darwinism has misled scientists, researchers, and the general public. Most were birthed by Darwinism and several were a direct result of the Darwinian worldview indoctrination. Two were awarded the Nobel Prize, and several resulted in enormous harm to a large number of innocent people. Some caused financial harm, and a few caused harm to health. In some extreme cases death has resulted, such as among frontal-lobotomy patients. This book is the 12th volume written by Dr. Bergman documenting the harm to society caused by Darwinism. In short, it is beyond question that Darwinism has caused an enormous amount of harm to humanity.


Format: Paperback
Page Count: 346
Publisher: Cántaro Publications
ISBN-13: 978-1990771-57-6
Size: 15.24 x 1.96 x 22.86 cm
Published: 2024

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